An A-Book ONLY Broker That Cares About Its Clients

There are brokers and then there is Carbon Capital. The forex industry is littered with brokers that do not value the success of their clients and only care about numbers. Carbon Capital truly values each and every single one of our clients. Our mission is to provide a safe-haven for traders with unlimited resources to aid each traders success. Carbon Capital is one of the the ONLY A-Book brokers that places every order directly into the liquidly pool. This ensures a safe trading environment free from chart and spread manipulation. In addition to being an A-Book broker, Carbon Capital also provides every funded client with RAW spreads and FLAT-RATE commissions on every trade. No more grey areas or shadiness. Want to start trading “with” your broker and not “against” your broker? Click the button below to create a free account, complete KYC verification and gain access to our free trade signals, video analysis and education.



Every Carbon Capital trader that completes KYC verification and funds an account gains access to  FREE trade signals. Save the money you spend on all your signal subscriptions and put those funds into your live trade account where it can actually benefit you! No longer do you have to spend your hard earned money on signals that don’t even pay for themselves. If you win, Carbon Capital wins! Click the button below, complete KYC verification and fund your account today and gain access to our completely FREE trade signals.


Trade While You Sleep, Work And Spend Time With Your Family

Trading can be very time consuming especially if you are a new trader. Finding the time to watch the charts, perform at your 9-5 and work in family time can be incredibly difficult. Carbon Capital has its very own automated trading platform allowing you to enjoy the benefits of trading without sacrificing so much of your time that could be spent with family or doing what you love. If you are interested in automated trading, click the button below to complete KYC verification, create an investor account and connect your account to one of the many trade copiers and start enjoying hands-free trading today!


Chart Mark-Up Videos On A Daily Basis

Carbon Capital’s Pro team provides three to ten video analysis per day so you can see what Carbon Pro traders see in the financial markets.  This is typically the easiest way for a new trader to learn how to trade. The video Analysis will be for all Forex pairs, Commodities, Indices, and Spot Metals. As the week progresses, update videos will be posted to show current structure and our future speculation on market movements. Ready to see structure like the pros and trade with the large institutions? Click the button below to create a free account, complete KYC verification and gain access to the free market analysis resources.


More Cryptos To Trade And Transfer With Stable Coins

Not only can you trade more crypto instruments than any other broker, Carbon Capital members may also transfer funds in and out of their accounts using stable coin! No more losing funds waiting on blockchain confirmations! Transfer funds using GUSD, USDT and USDC and only pay the normal transactional fees like a Bitcoin transfer without the worry of lost funds! If you prefer to trade cryptos opposed to holding the physical asset, Carbon Capital has over 100 cryptocurrencies to trade on MT4. To get started saving money on crypto transfers and gain access to more cryptos to trade, simply click the button below to create a free account and complete KYC verification.


Free Education For All Skill-Levels

Tired of spending ridiculous amounts of money on courses of pre-recorded videos of information you’ve already seen in youtube videos? Every Carbon Capital trader that completes KYC verification gains access to our free educational resources. The E-Books and E-Courses range from basic terminology all the way to advanced candlestick patterns and an entire course just on cryptocurrencies. No matter your skill level with, our educational platform is packed with valuable information to help take your skillset to the next level. Finished the courses? Challenge yourself by taking the quizzes. What are you waiting for? Begin your training by clicking the button below, creating a free account, and completing KYC verification.


Economic Calendars All In One Place

Keeping up with the latest economic news before placing a trade is very important. The caveat most traders face is having to physically trade from their brokers mt4, go to another website for news, a separate website for video markups and then a telegram channel for signals. This poses the issue of forgetting or missing a major news event, getting in a trade during its release and entering the market at a highly volatile time and losing a trade due to fundamentals. Carbon Capital provides all necessary resources you need as a trader conveniently all in one location. Check the latest  economic news, video markups, and signals right from our app or website. Click the button below to get started today!

Trading Like Never Before

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