Our Funded Trader Program

Carbon Capital FX offers a unique opportunity for forex traders to take advantage of their trading skills and access more capital in the market. With our Funded Trader Program, traders can enjoy the benefits of trading with more capital, which allows them to take advantage of more market opportunities.

When a trader deposits up to $25,000.00 with Carbon Capital FX, we will match their deposit 100%. This means that traders can start trading with double the amount of their initial deposit. This is particularly advantageous because it provides traders with more leverage in the market, allowing them to take on more positions and potentially increase their returns.

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Everyone Gets Funded

To be eligible for our Funded Trader Program, traders simply need to deposit up to $25,000.00 into their account. There is no qualification process to go through, and no performance criteria to meet. This means that any trader can take advantage of this program, regardless of their level of experience or trading strategy.

Another key benefit of our Funded Trader Program is that it provides traders with an opportunity to demonstrate their trading skills and build a track record of success in the market. By trading with more capital and potentially earning higher returns, traders can establish themselves as experts in the field and open up new opportunities for their career.

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Carbon Capital FX’s Funded Trader Program offers traders a unique and rewarding opportunity to access more capital and improve their trading skills. With our program, traders can double their deposit up to $25,000.00 and enjoy access to our advanced trading platform, ongoing training and support, and the opportunity to build a track record of success in the market. If you’re interested in taking advantage of our Funded Trader Program

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